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Rivendo Canbio: Awarded Wholesale CBD in Europe

Renew your business with high quality CBD products selected directly from our producers. We sell wholesale CBD for companies and commercial activities, flowers, oil and cosmetics and more from exclusive productions. We give you the maximum support in the sector by offering all the services to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Contact us for an offer based on your needs.

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Winner of the Global Health & Pharmaceutical Commercial Cannabis Award 2020, RivendoCanBio is one of the largest producers and distributors of CBD derived products​​ of retail and wholesale hemp.

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Why choose our reseller program?

From single store operators to large chain managers, retail business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase profitability while keeping expenses as low as possible. RivendoCanBio offers retailers a unique opportunity to purchase large quantities of premium quality, lab-tested, retail-ready CBD products at discounted prices.

We continually source premium quality products for distribution to our wholesale partners. Our enormous purchasing power and longstanding supplier relationships result in a virtually unlimited supply of high quality products - enough to keep your inventory at adequate levels all year round.

100% LEGAL. 100% NATURE. 100% CBD

RivendoCanBio for Serenity

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100% Legal CBD

Our CBD is 100% legal. We ship nationwide and most international countries. Our premium CBD is coming!

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Made in Italy

We distribute our hemp from local Italian crops and produce our own CBD in Milan. Nothing is more Italian than this!

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Tested in a Third Party Laboratory

All of our products go through a rigorous third party testing process. We make sure the hemp is free of contaminants. We break down CBD and other raw ingredients for content and purity. And finally, we test each batch to ensure the quality.

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Advanced Formulations

It all starts with advanced manufacturing techniques. We keep quality at 10 and contamination at ZERO. Depending on the product, we offer a variety of terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and other therapeutic nutrients to increase the benefits.

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Money Back Guarantee

It doesn't happen often, but if for some reason you don't like our CBD, it's backed by a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

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GMOs must disappear! All RivendoCanBio products are made with organic and non-GMO hemp.


Buy and sell high quality CBD products under the original, custom or white label

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The wholesale CBD guarantee

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All our products are carefully selected to ensure the satisfaction of the customer who uses them and the retailer to have a regular customer who buys regularly. All our supplies are always accompanied by analyzes by certified laboratories  ISO / GMP. All the inflorescences are tested to guarantee THC levels according to Italian or European law, each batch of CBD oil is tested to show you the high level of CBD and other cannabinoids and the absence of THC while the cosmetic line is certified by PIF Italy is registered on the European cosmetics portal to offer only safe, effective products free of chemicals, pesticides and GMOs.  

From hemp to the product

Cannabis as a raw material for the creation of safe and certified products is the priority to always obtain quality. The processing of hemp and the production processes from crops without the use of pesticides and from analyzed soils is the guarantee that must be given both to the regular consumer of CBD, and to the producer or retailer of hemp-based products. Each product is carefully selected for the type of raw material used, free from contamination and with all possible certifications to be provided to our customers. Professionalism, passion and customer service are the objectives that allow us to create a collaborative relationship aimed at always offering the best with consistency.    

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Wholesale CBD Oil for Wholesalers and Resellers

Our CBD oil tinctures are made with naturally acquired full spectrum extracts, where environmental conditions are ideal for a food grade certified extraction product extracted without using C02 or solvents. Our sustainable growing methods, organic ingredients and rigorous quality control ensure the purest CBD oil in the industry, so you can experience all the benefits of CBD the way nature intended. Formulated with organic ingredients, non-GMO, and 100% made in Italy.

CBD Creams For CBD Wholesalers and Resellers

CBD creams certified exclusively with RivendoCanBio for CBD wholesalers and retailers. All our CBD creams are registered on the European cosmetics portal and PIF Italy as parapharmaceuticals. Full spectrum CBD creams suitable for all skin types, 100% natural, without silicones, SLES & SLS and parabens.

The unique formulation with natural ingredients of some medicinal plants and CBD revive  a new experience for the body. The face cream with calendula for skin problems, the body cream with arnica and devil's claw and the shampoo with thyme and nasturtium offer different solutions for personal care. Our laboratories formulate unique products of its kind and with careful research. Full spectrum CBD with all cannabinoids present complete the effect of our certified topicals. We work to bring our wholesale and retail customers to have a constant supply across Europe and internationally of CBD creams, oils and cosmetics that have real feedback for the end consumer.

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CBD Flowers Wholesale for Distributors and Hemp Shop

Award-winning CBD flowers of the highest quality in outdoor, greenhouse, indoor and cali. Selected buds guaranteed within European and Italian limits with low THC content grown without the use of pesticides. Among the best indoor in Europe we have several genetics in our catalogue with flowers available in big, medium and small buds to satisfy the different CBD dealers throughout Europe. Our CBD flower is carefully processed, selected and packaged to always offer top quality CBD cannabis. Among our genetics you can find flowers that have won several international competitions, ensuring CBD dealers and distributors a constant supply with insured shipping. We supply CBD flowers in bulk, white label - unbranded - or private label with analysis with every single shipment and in the shortest possible time. All our selected hemp productions are strictly controlled to always give an easily sellable cbd product for companies, hemp shops or online retailers.

Extracts and tinctures

CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids found in cannabis. Other types of extractions such as crystals or broad spectrum are available from hemp. From our productions and ISO / GMP certified laboratories we have the best known cannabinoids such as CBDa - CBC - CBGa - CBN - CBDV and others available to meet the needs of companies that work with the raw material or with terpenes. Available in various forms such as crystals, distillates or crumble, they are used for basic formulations in the cosmetic, food and beverage sectors.

Fruity Cocktail

Hemp alcohol

Hemp is not just CBD, selected by centuries-old distilleries and for quality, we have in our catalog beer, liqueurs and hemp-based spirits without THC and with a unique flavor. Produced only in Italy, they satisfy the demand of resellers who want to expand their catalog and offer added value for the customer. Bars, clubs and restaurants already offer our products arousing curiosity and interest. From the low alcohol content of the beer to the highest, for spirits such as gin or vodka, we have a wide variety available in our catalog to satisfy every taste.

What we stand for

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Constant improvement. Integrity. Safe and effective products. Do what is right for the customer. These are the values that underlie RivendoCanBio, and are what separates us from our competitors. No matter how big we get or how fast we grow, we will always remember our roots and always put the customer first.

  • No harsh chemicals, no pesticides

  • Vegan

  • 100% organic

  • Low in THC

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