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Rivendo Canbio: Awarded Wholesale CBD in Europe

Renew your business with high quality CBD products selected directly from our producers. We sell wholesale CBD for companies and commercial activities, flowers, oil and cosmetics and more from exclusive productions. We give you the maximum support in the sector by offering all the services to offer high quality products at competitive prices. Contact us for an offer based on your needs.

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Winner of the Global Health & Pharmaceutical Commercial Cannabis Award 2020, RivendoCanBio is one of the largest producers and distributors of CBD derived products​​ of retail and wholesale hemp.

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Why choose our reseller program?

From single store operators to large chain managers, retail business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase profitability while keeping expenses as low as possible. RivendoCanBio offers retailers a unique opportunity to purchase large quantities of premium quality, lab-tested, retail-ready CBD products at discounted prices.

We continually source premium quality products for distribution to our wholesale partners. Our enormous purchasing power and longstanding supplier relationships result in a virtually unlimited supply of high quality products - enough to keep your inventory at adequate levels all year round.

Our Product Lines

100% LEGAL. 100% NATURE. 100% CBD

RivendoCanBio for Serenity

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100% Legal CBD

Our CBD is 100% legal. We ship nationwide and most international countries. Our premium CBD is coming!

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Made in Italy

We distribute our hemp from local Italian crops and produce our own CBD in Milan. Nothing is more Italian than this!</