Wholesale CBD Cosmetics

Cannabis Light or Legal is obtained from the female inflorescences with a specific selection rich in CBD, cannabidiol, a non-psychogenic compound, and low in THC ( under 0,2%), which has psychotropic effects. Legislation states that light cannabis may contain a THC concentration does not lead to "high", but only has anxiolytic and relaxing effects that help to combat stress.


Wholesalers of Italian legal hemp, our sale of high quality CBD flowers aims to have products that win over the customers of our retailers.

Indoor and green house flowers with excellent aroma and colour, pure CBD oil without waxes and impurities and paraben-free cosmetics are some of our products. All our crops are low THC content with percentages ranging from 0.2% for the international market and 0.5% for the Italian market. All flowers, indoor and green house, are accompanied by laboratory analysis to verify their legality both for Italy and abroad. 100% legal hemp for sale in Europe; it contains THC values below the legal limits and high CBD values. In our Shop you will find selections of the best qualities of light Cannabis, CBD Oil and cosmetics for wholesalers and traders.

Buy legal bulk, packaged and white label legal cannabis online.

All plants are free of pesticides and grown in Italy. Produced in packs of 1 or 2 grams, which can also be purchased in bulk. All inflorescences are accompanied by laboratory analyzes to ascertain their legality. Our inflorescences are cultivated in biodynamic without the addition of fertilizers or chemical fertilizers.

* Strain Growing  - CBD % 


Harlem OG Kush Indoor - 12%
Ryogoku Red Skunk Indoor - 11%
Siberia AK-47  - Glass House 10%
Virunga Royal Gorilla Indoor - 13%
Whitechapel White Widow Glass House -  10%

Candy Caramel Willy Wonka Indoor - 11%

Products also available in white label, possibility to customize your purchase through our partners with your brand.

Our Oil:

Italian product in all its parts: from the carrier oil used (oil of
hemp seeds and extra virgin olive oil), from the production of the
hemp and the extraction of the molecules concerned. The products are
Decarboxylates, this processing allows the transformation of the
acidic molecules into neutral molecules so as to facilitate the assimilation to the body (so both THC-A and CBD-A are transformed into THC and CBD. In addition our products are Winterized, this processin gallows for the elimination or drastic reduction within the extract of: gums (degumming), waxes (dewaxed) and chlorophyll-free (chlorophyll-free) also by carbon filtration active. This processing involves a mass reduction of about15 % of the compound plus personnel and other costs related to the controlled cooling of the compound itself. Reducing waxes, gums and chlorophylls the colouring of the oil will be clearer, clearer and with a less bitter and pungent taste.

We carefully select and produce our cannabis light and CBD
to give only high quality.

Our aim is to provide excellent products from the best crops in Italy ensuring important benefits for the final consumer. Cannabis light, CBD Oil, conditioners, face and body creams and many other products, can be purchased customized with your brand or with the brand of the original manufacturer at highly competitive prices in the market, with large profit margins for retailers and with the ultimate goal of building customer loyalty to create real new market opportunities.

Our products are the result of research and attempts to find the
right balance between production costs and final quality. Flowers,
CBD Oil, cosmetics and the line for pets are all organic products and
produced exclusively in Italy and we constantly monitor our supply
chain step by step.
Our catalog allows our customers to propose, in addition to flowers,
other products that allow to increase sales and customer loyalty.
We do not have the best prices on the market but we have one of
the best qualities of light cannabis, optimizing production processes
and with a long term vision, we invest part of our revenue in
research and customer care in order to keep our company highly
competitive on the market.
All our crops are low THC with percentages ranging from 0.2 for the
international market and 0.5 for the Italian market. The flowers
produced for the foreign market involve further processing, as there
is no seed with such low THC levels, which makes the final cost
higher than the flowers of the domestic market.
With our flowers and seeds we produce not only pure
winterized CBD oil but also personal cosmetics and pet products
made from organic hemp seed oil.

About us:

Rivendocanbio is a company born in 2018 from the union of
professionals in different fields but with the passion and the desire
to invest in the opportunity of marketing low THC cannabis, called
Cannabis Light.
Since the beginning of our activity our goal has always been to
provide high quality products that are highly competitive on the
market. Thanks to the exclusive collaboration with selected
producers such as Cannabis Light District we have reached our goal
in a short time, obtaining products that are difficult to compare and
becoming the quality reference in Italy and with unique
inflorescences thanks to the care in the cultivation and the
dedicated soils in the hilly areas of central Italy.
All our processing phases are carried out mainly by hand by
specialized personnel who do their work with passion, constantly
monitoring all phases, from harvesting to packaging.
The synergy created within the company allows us to follow the
customer in every phase, starting from the first contact, we always
try to find the best solution to propose to our customers in order to
create a collaborative relationship that is profitable for both,
becoming trusted suppliers and establishing a long-term


Our affiliates don't have to worry about anything, our online shop
formula gives you a business ready and finished for the first cash
receipts. Thanks to our offer, you get the best hemp products at an
unbeatable price. High revenues, high margins, no worries. We take
care of everything.