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Starting a White Label CBD Business

If you are looking to launch the next big line of high quality white label CBD products, then we can help. Our established CBD white labeling service allows you to create amazing products with attractive designs and packaging, all in compliance with Italian and international regulations. We are one of the largest CBD wholesalers in Italy, so we have a deep understanding of the industry and what you are up against in terms of competition.

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Partner With Us For Your White Label CBD

At RivendoCanBio, we assist you in every step of starting your CBD business. We are your single source for CBD products from the plant to the end customer with our farmers, our research and development, our manufacturing facility and our packaging. We make the CBD white label process easy and provide you with a fast and affordable way to enter the CBD market with the highest quality CBD products.

White Label CBD

We have established a broad supply of excellent CBD product varieties over our ten years in the industry. With our help, we can create a product or range of products that caters to your target niche and help establish your brand, whatever your long-term goals.

CBD White Label Oils

We offer a wide range of CBD oils, from full spectrum oils to potent isolates. If you are looking to tap into the food additive or CBD oil market directly, you can trust us to create and manufacture market leading CBD supplements.

CBD White Label Cosmetics

​If you are looking to launch the next one
great CBD skin care line, you can choose from our extensive line of products, from lotions, anti-ageing cream and more.  This means that your products will promote softer and healthier skin, thanks to the natural emollient and moisturizer of the skin moisturizing properties of the skin.

How We Can Help You

We have proven to be an industry leader with our decades of experience and the tens of thousands of products we have released in various markets around the world. Every step of our process, from CBD production to branding, has been fine-tuned to allow you flexibility in the design and branding process, delivering you a final product that perfectly fits your stated needs.

To find out how we make CBD products, here is explained each step of our white label services:

Research &

Your specifications serve as the foundation upon which our team of scientists, engineers and industrial designers can build your CBD product prototype. We have ISO certified laboratories equipped with the latest technologies, so that we can conduct research and development with quality as the top priority. By using only premium ingredients and advanced techniques in the process, we ensure that the resulting product is one step ahead of competitors' offerings.

The Production Of CBD

Our long-standing partnerships with the world's most trusted and recognized manufacturers have resulted in successful business relationships with today's top CBD product manufacturers. We guarantee that every article developed with your brand is made in certified laboratories in direct compliance with all the necessary regulations. With our advice, we can direct you to a reliable product that fits your needs.

Branding & Consulting

Packaging and branding are absolutely essential for selling your CBD products. We know how to create a design that appeals to your target demographic, and with your valuable input, we can work together to create an eye-catching visual design that perfectly encapsulates your brand message. If you are dissatisfied or believe the product needs a design update, we also offer unlimited revisions. We can also make custom packaging, branded stickers and unique thank you messages.

Procurement Of Raw Materials

To make the best products, you need to make sure your CBD is of the best quality, which is why our products are distributed in the UK, Europe or the US. All you need to do is tell us the products you want. Whether you are from Colorado or California, we assure you that your products come from GMP certified and ISO accredited factories, all of which have passed rigorous testing and contain only the ingredients you need.

Tests & Certifications

We understand how important it is that your CBD products
pass the certification process before being placed on the market. That's why we carry out rigorous testing procedures through an internationally accredited third-party laboratory. From ensuring THC-free formulas to achieving the perfect percentage of active cannabinoids, we spare no effort to deliver a safe and effective product.
Our laboratory reports can also be provided free of charge.

Fulfillment & Dropshipping

​Fulfillment of orders on your store even without your is seamless with our dropshipping service. The moment we receive an order, we pack it and ship it the same day. Each order can be tracked throughout the delivery process using a unique barcode for the item in transit.

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With our extensive business partnerships, by the time you have a product idea, you are already one step ahead of the competition.

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Brand and quality protection

We take quality control very seriously. That's why we are in constant communication with manufacturers, graphic designers and any other collaborators who touch your product throughout the process.


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Guarantee of

We will work tirelessly to make sure you receive exactly what was originally intended. If you believe that the products or service delivered is not as described, we will give you your money back!


Things Our Customers Say About Our White Label Program 

White Label Form
Image by Add Weed

Maria F.

I reached out to several companies for wholesale product support when I decided to start my own business. Far superior to the others, from the support and quality of the product, I am happy to have chosen RivendoCanBio as a partner.

The Highest Quality CBD Manufacturer in the Industry

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