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Why Choose

RivendoCanBio offers the highest quality CBD products, 100% natural, obtained from top quality Italian hemp. As CBD continues to be recognized for its many therapeutic qualities, RivendoCanBio strives to provide customers with the best CBD oils, topicals and flowers on the market, while maintaining maximum transparency in the manufacturing process.


The Process of Creating Our CBD Oil

RivendoCanBio sets the gold standard with CBD oils, maximizing the effectiveness of CBD. Our Oils  contain no waxes, fats or chlorophyll that could result in black color and pasty consistency. Through a proprietary filtration process using ultrasonic extraction in our laboratories, we eliminate impurities, while leaving the important profile of active compounds in place, resulting in a smooth, golden oil. Our CBD oils are optimized to provide consumers with well-rounded benefits packaged in easy to use, discreet bottles.

The cultivation of CBD flowers

Perfectly cared for and treated with love, our quality hemp flowers, loose or packaged in resealable bags to help keep it fresh and aromatic for a long time. With a focus on legendary strains and quality, we make sure you notice the difference between our CBD flower compared to other labels on the light cannabis market. All premium selection genetics, always a first choice flower, not altered and carefully hand cut.

Grown with organic elements, non-GMO, and 100% Made in Italy.

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Donna che applica crema

The formula of CBD creams

The unique formulation with natural ingredients of some medicinal plants and CBD revive  a new experience for the body. The face cream with calendula for skin problems, the body cream with arnica and devil's claw and the shampoo with thyme and nasturtium offer different personal care. Our laboratories formulate unique products of its kind and with careful research. The full spectrum CBD with all the cannabinoids present complete the effect of our certified topicals. We work to bring our wholesale and retail customers to have a constant supply, throughout Europe and internationally, of CBD creams that have effective results that allow us to retain the end consumer. 

Tested & Analyzed

Despite what some manufacturers can and will place on their bottles, cannabinoid concentration varies throughout a crop. Testing and analysis are required to accurately gauge the levels of CBD and other compounds in hemp plants. RivendoCanBio products contain all-natural ingredients and we have normalized extensive testing in our labs to be able to assert the potential of each and everyone of our products.

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The highest quality CBD manufacturer in the Industry

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