CBD cosmetic creams with high quality certified natural active ingredients made in Italy.

Our creams are tested by pharmaceutical laboratories, derived from organic crops and registered on the European cosmetics portal.

The healing properties of the oil extracted from the inflorescences of cannabis or CBD oil are also taking the market in the field of cosmetics for the care of face, body, hair and nails. Its characteristics already observed for oral use are not limited only to internal use but also external through creams, balms and shampoos that consumers use for the treatment of certain pathologies or for the general well-being of the person's skin.

Many advantages for a substance like CBD that has no proven side effects and naturally extracted from the cannabis plant, a plant that once again proves to be our ally and to which the human body is genetically predisposed for assimilation.

Most of the products dedicated to cosmetics contain substances, such as parabens that are toxic to our body and therefore the consumer is increasingly careful in the choice of what they use, as in the case of CBD oil which can be used as per orally or directly on the skin with creams and balms .

The human body naturally produces cannabinoids which for the skin are used to regulate sebum and cell regeneration. Thanks to our endocannabinoid system with a network of integrated receptors that ensures the stability, or rather homeostasis, of our body, CBD therefore not only promotes the regeneration of epidermal tissue but also acts on healthy cells, improving their health and reproduction.

Some of the studies conducted for several years already reported in the journal of dermatological science and the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health have shown how cannabidiol (CBD) acts directly on the endocannabidiol system of our body by acting on the CB1 and CB2 receptors, promoting regeneration cellular thanks to anandamide, an endocannabinoid and CBG which binds with CBD regulating cell proliferation and differentiation.

CBD is therefore a powerful anti-inflammatory that regulates proteins, cytokines and inflammatory chemokines that are responsible for even very serious damage to the cells of our body, it is sebum-regulating, antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial, fighting acne and potentially resolving any bacteria that cause it.

With a CBD-based cream essentially there are multiple advantages, it is possible to attack most diseases of the epidermis by treating it from the depths and improving its appearance by fighting free radicals against aging, eradicating the bacteria that cause acne or regulating cell regeneration for dry or oily skin and treating uncomfortable diseases such as psioriasis or eczema.

Always used for external use, it stimulates the three main pain-relieving, tactical and dermal receptors of the skin, producing analgesic effects, making it also useful for trauma or injuries with a less painful recovery.

CBD in cosmetics therefore proves to be a very valid ally and using creams with natural extracts combined with oral assimilation using oil you go to put the body in the best conditions both internal and external.

Beauty is always inspired by nature and for the umpteenth time it shows us how with a plant like cannabis, it can solve skin problems to feel at ease and have self-confidence.