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Wholesale CBD Creams for Wholesalers and Resellers

CBD creams certified exclusively with RivendoCanBio for CBD wholesalers and retailers. All our CBD creams are registered on the European cosmetics portal and PIF Italy as parapharmaceutical cosmetics. Full spectrum CBD creams suitable for all skin types, 100% natural, without silicones, SLES & SLS and parabens. The topicals to CBD of rivendocanbio are the result of years of research to offer the best full spectrum CBD cosmetics on the market and with the guarantee of certifications for the final consumer.

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Only PIF certified CBD cosmetics - CPNP pharmacode

Years of research and a meticulous certification process have allowed us to give the maximum guarantee to the consumer. Our CBD creams are registered and certified with cosmetic parapharmaceuticals registered with the PIF Italy and the European cosmetics portal thanks to a strict control on nature and safety for the skin, a difference that uses our topicals with CBD does not neglect. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



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Why use CBD in cosmetics

To date, the benefits of CBD in cosmetics are more than proven. The basic characteristics of CBD oil as a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever used on the skin allows it to treat various discomforts of the epidermis. By formulating creams, shampoos and oils for body and hair combined with natural extracts we have managed to have superior quality products, perfectly balanced in every single ingredient, to restore the skin to its natural state by acting in depth and avoiding possible allergic reactions that normal products can give. Moisturizing, soothing and repairing are the only goals of our CBD cosmetics to always offer a satisfying result for the consumer.

The highest quality CBD producer in the industry

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Karamati Derm Repair 50ml

Restore the natural state of your skin with Karamati Derm Repair, an ideal cream for all skin types, has beneficial and soothing actions for sensitive skin and can solve and soothe different skin problems.

An artisanal formula built on a polyglycerin emulsifier based on hemp, sorbitol and technical ingredients. The base thus obtained was enriched with Cannabis Sativa Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil.
CBD, hyaluronic acid and calendula incorporated in the oil during the emulsion phase, at a controlled temperature, allows the product in question to perform a targeted action as an adjuvant in a wide range of skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, cysts, skin blemishes and many others.

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Kalite Pain Reliefe 100ml

Use Kalite Pain Relief Gel to restore the well-being of your skin, muscles or joints, giving an immediate feeling of well-being.

A unique formulation with CBD, Arnica, Camphor Oil and Devil's Claw that help the body to reabsorb hematomas, relieve muscle or joint pain and rebalance the natural state of the skin.

The base thus obtained was enriched with Cannabis Sativa Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

It has powerful beneficial and soothing actions and the totally natural formulation makes it ideal even for the most sensitive skin.

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Mati Hair Moisturizer 200ml

Renew and care for your hair with Sandy Shampoo CBD. Thanks to the properties of the full spectrum CBD oil with other natural ingredients, such as thyme, nasturtium and hemp oil, the CBD shampoo gives the hair a new shine and cares for the scalp in depth, preventing flaking, dandruff, alopecia or other problems. A delicate invigorating cleanser with an exceptional fragrance that leaves the hair strong and silky to the touch. The composition with absolutely natural ingredients respects the skin and the environment without using parabens, silicones, SLES and SLS. Its powerful beneficial actions will make you find right from the first use suitable for all hair types such as greasy, dry, colored, frizzy, straight or wavy, regaining the natural appearance and making them stronger.    

The highest quality CBD producer in the industry

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