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Extracts and Distillates

CBD is just one of the many cannabonoids found in the hemp plant. The beneficial properties can also be obtained from other types of extracts or distillates such as CBDV, CBGa, CBC, CBN. Rivendocanbio offers pure and powerful products  for cosmetic and non-cosmetic use. All our extracts come from organic cultivation and careful processing of use and from ISO-GMP certified laboratories.

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Wholesale extracts with customized formula

We offer a wide range from full spectrum oils to potent isolates. If you are looking for products such as food additives or cosmetics, you can trust us to create and produce some of the best products with or without terpenes. Thanks to our certified laboratories we give you the right choice for your company. Isolates are the future of the cannabis market and beyond.


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Hemp Oil

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Why use extracts or concentrates from hemp

The ever increasing demand to make extracts or concentrates of the various substances present in cannabis, such as cannabinoids and terpenes, offers the possibility of creating innovative and functional products.

Achieving much higher concentrations of the various active ingredients in cannabis than raw flowers can provide the basis for unique products. Despite being known and used for thousands of years, the extract market is an alternative to harnessing the benefits of hemp with other types of cannabinoids.

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The highest quality CBD producer in the industry

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Cannabichromene, or CBC, is the third most abundant cannabinoid in hemp.
And while it doesn't get the attention of other more popular cannabinoids, CBC isn't
intoxicating and shows great potential for well-being. Another aspect
Notable about CBD and CBC is their ability to work together, and the benefits that
this interaction provides. All cannabinoids are thought to be involved in one
particular interaction, called the entourage effect.

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The CBDV isolate is very similar chemically to the much better known CBDV. Do not
psychoactive has beneficial effects similar to CBD, blocking the neurotransmission of
pain just like a powerful analgesic.

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CBGA is known as the "mother of all cannabinoids", as it acts as
precursor of all members of the cannabinoid family. But its role in the
cannabinoid biosynthesis is not the only feature that is worthwhile
explore CBGA, or cannabigerolic acid, plays a key role in creation
of all cannabinoids within hemp and cannabis. Is considered
as the "mother of all cannabinoids", since cannabinoids like CBD, CBC and
THC wouldn't exist without it. Without CBGA, there would be no others

The highest quality CBD producer in the industry

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