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Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Smoking in general, during a coronavirus pandemic or rather, covid19 which weakens our respiratory tracts, is best avoided.

It is better to switch to edibles such as CBD oil or herbal teas to make use of cannabis light or cannabis products, in fact a research paper in the Chinese Medical Journal found that the chances of covid-19 infections are 14 times higher for people with a smoking history.

So should cannabis smokers be concerned about these warnings and expose us to higher risks?

Smoking irritates the lungs and throat, people who already have a predisposition to respiratory problems should try edibles during this period.

So take CBD oil and have the benefit of all its beneficial properties, including boosting the immune system, or if you just can't do without the inflorescences, make a herbal tea, combine the flowers with butter to make a cake or use a vaporizer.

Edibles are one of the safest ways to consume cannabis or CBD, especially now that the covid-19 pandemic is reaching its peak.

Beware, however, that one must always be measured. Compared to inhalation, ingestion takes longer to assimilate, so you have to wait for its effect.

However, a herbal tea with its soothing and relaxing effects, with honey, is a good alternative.

Some of its beneficial effects, as with cannabis in general, are:

Detoxifies the body

Prevents the formation of kidney stones

Stimulates the immune system's defences

Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal system

Strengthens joints and bones

Relieves anxiety and stress

Fights insomnia

Prevents and inhibits ageing

Promotes hormonal balance

Improves red blood cell production

Improves oral health

And these are just some of the properties that cannabis can benefit.

Our bodies produce small molecules which act as neurotransmitters, these molecules act in exactly the same way as the compounds in cannabis, which is why they are called endocannabinoids and our bodies have them by nature.

We therefore remain, partly due to genetic predisposition, associated with light cannabis, with limits in Italy of 0.5% of THC (the psychotropic substance that causes the "high") and 0.2% for Europe, without running the risk of having undesirable effects that negatively affect the psyche and taking a substance that has only benefits and no contraindications.

We therefore remain, also due to genetic predisposition, associated with light cannabis, with limits for Italy of 0.5% THC (psychotropic substance that causes the "high") and 0.2% for Europe without running the risk of having unwanted effects that negatively affect the psyche and taking a substance that has only benefits and no contraindications.

CBD cake

So making herbal teas, cakes or other specialities with legal hemp or CBD oil allows you to use all the positive effects of the plant while keeping your lungs healthy and without the risk of respiratory diseases.

If you choose to use your inflorescences to prepare something tasty, be aware that cannabis needs fat to be ingested, in fact to cook it and extract its active ingredients we have to use a food fat such as butter, for example, which is already widely used in the preparation of cakes and biscuits.

The assimilation is therefore longer, passing through the stomach, intestine and only at the end to the blood has longer lasting effects, this is more noticeable with cannabis with THC, the advice is to ingest it in small doses and without being in a hurry, waiting for the sense of relaxation that only a few natural and legal substances can give you, without danger to health and always bearing in mind that unlike inhalation only 20/30% of the active principle is assimilated.

For optimal preparation of your hemp-based dishes, the cannabis must be decarboxylated, i.e. it must be subjected to the stimulation of terpene production, which occurs naturally with combustion. One of the methods for this step, which we can easily do at home, is to use our own oven.

We take our inflorescences and chop them up with a knife, place them in a pan with an oven preheated to 115° and bake our light cannabis chop for about 45 minutes, stirring the mixture halfway through cooking, let it cool and it's ready to use.

If instead you want to prepare a tasty cannabis cake, we can start with one of the essential ingredients, the butter, avoiding the passage in the oven we can still extract the active ingredients by boiling 1 litre of water with 250g of butter and the chopped inflorescences for about 3 hours, let it cool and remove the butter from the water, and here it is ready for use.

Moving on to the preparation of the chocolate cannabis cake, we can follow one of the many recipes you will find online such as the following.

70 g cannabis butter

1800 g flour

180 g of sugar

2 eggs

40 g of bitter cocoa

1 sachet of baking powder

1 pinch of salt

Take a bowl and combine the sugar with the eggs. Mix vigorously with a whisk and start adding the other ingredients such as cannabis butter, sifted flour, cocoa, salt and finally the baking powder. Mix everything well until the mixture is smooth and without lumps.

Grease the baking tin, pour the mixture into it and bake for 50 to 60 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°, leave to cool and your cake is ready to be enjoyed.

Eating cannabis light is one of the ways of appreciating all the beneficial properties of this plant, without compromising the health of our lungs, a way of taking it that perhaps few people know about yet, and always remember not to overdo the doses of cannabis, at least the first few times, and choose cannabis light with the aroma you like best.

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