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Why sell cannabis products in herbalists and parapharmacies?

In a previous article, the beneficial properties of the active ingredients of cannabis, such as CBD, for treating people and animals were highlighted, and consequently products derived from light or legal cannabis are now available in other commercial activities other than online shops and tobacconists that mainly sell the inflorescences.

Hemp-derived products are gaining in popularity, not only for technical use but also for personal care. Here too, cannabis becomes a powerful natural remedy for treatment, wellbeing and beauty through the use of herbal teas, soaps, shampoos, creams, oils and seeds.

The properties of each product are summarised below to give you an idea of the benefits:

  • Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids. providing a protein supply and also a good supply of vitamins (especially vitamin E) and mineral salts (calcium, magnesium and potassium). Thanks to the high presence of polyunsaturated acids, they are highly recommended for combating and preventing various ailments including atherosclerosis, cardiovascular ailments, cholesterol, arthrosis, diseases of the respiratory system (such as asthma, sinusitis and tracheitis), skin eczema and acne.

Hence, hemp seeds are indeed a powerful natural medicine, and constant intake can help keep various glands and muscles healthy and strengthen the nervous system.

  • Hemp herbal tea

Hemp herbal tea can therefore provide the benefits of the hemp plant: it can help those with arthritis or 'aches and pains' due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps you sleep and is great for digestive problems, stomach aches or menstrual pain, as well as being relaxing.

Containing cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids and a low amount of CBD, properly prepared with a drizzle of oil and taken regularly, it is proving to provide significant benefits.

  • Hemp soap

The soap is made from cold-pressed hemp seed oil and is rich in vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids that protect the skin, including eczema, dermatitis and acne. Regular use of natural hemp soap can help reduce the effects caused by the signs of ageing and is very helpful in reducing the discomfort caused by dry and damaged skin, as it soothes and restores the protective film and leaves the skin smooth and well moisturised.

  • Hemp shampoo

Hemp shampoo cleanses, moisturises, nourishes and strengthens the hair thanks to the vitamins, omega 3 and omega 6 naturally present in cannabis. Regular use improves the condition of the skin and the appearance of the hair.

  • Cannabis skin cream

The presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp creams allows the body to receive and maintain proper hydration, and slows the formation of free radicals, responsible for the ageing of the skin and body. An excellent solution for the face and body.

  • Hemp oil

Cold extracted directly from the seeds, it retains all the properties of cannabis, like the other products is a powerful antioxidant and can be used directly on the skin to treat and soothe various ailments such as acne, erythema, dermatitis as well as being used in cooking as a condiment.

  • CBD oil

CBD oil extracted from flowering plants expresses the full potential of cannabis. Products with CBD oil, preferably full spectrum, can solve serious problems such as psioriasis or soothe persistent skin problems.

Creams, shampoos and many other products can be considered valuable allies for the skin.

Whatever the type of cannabis-derived product for personal well-being and the treatment of certain illnesses, there is a wide choice of products, and Googling is not difficult to find creams, soaps and other products at prices in line with conventional products. The countless properties of cannabis are allowing a new revolution in the cosmetics field, which in 2018 recorded a turnover of 11,200 million euros and in the herbalist sector, with a turnover of 950 million euros, where it can carve out its own slice of the market, confirming year after year the attention from a clientele oriented towards the use of natural products.

So another market outside the sale of inflorescences that can lead manufacturers and retailers of cosmetics and body care products to open up new market opportunities and diversify their product line.

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