It takes its name from the city where it was first conceived, New York.
The name of this historic herb has its roots in this tale: some growers took the “Diesel” inflorescence seeds out of the big apple as it was considered at that time the best herb of all time.
It took 3 years of work to be able to establish a power / production relationship for today's NYDiesel. In fact, experiments were made with a type of female with a very fruity flavor, the "Sativa Mexicana", which led to the birth of a fairly strong and characteristic herb.
From this starting point the male Afghani Hawaian was selected for power and production. From those small seeds brought from the old New York, after 3 years of hard work, 2 types of inflorescences were selected and chosen. The latter led to the birth of today's well-known New York Diesel.

CBD 9 - 12%

New York Diesel Indoor 0,2% THC