Intense ruby-colored beer


Intense ruby-colored beer, strong aroma of barley malt blends with a strong floral sensation and pronounced taste.

Trappist style, very full-bodied with compact and creamy foam, worthy of any comparison. 85% local malts, high fermentation double malt beer unfiltered and refermented in the bottle.


Recommended tasting: 9 ° C.

Alcohol content: 7.5%


12 500ml bottles

Red Canatrap - Hemp Beer 500ml 12 bottles


    7 euros for orders of single beers and crates in Italy, 15 euros for other European countries.

    For all countries (including Italy) shipping is free of charge over 100 euros.

    BEERS ARE AVAILABLE IN THE FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland