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General Terms and Conditions

We invite you to take a few minutes of your time to read the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and the General Terms and Conditions of Business of RivendoCanBio. These Terms and Conditions contain important information both for the user visiting our website and for the buyer of our products, and are applied to all products purchased and used through our website. Our website, and all related services, are expressly subject to acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions. By entering our website, purchasing our products or using one of our services, the user automatically acknowledges and accepts these General Terms and Conditions, including any and future changes, which will be disclosed by publication on our website or through any other type of notification. RivendoCanBio makes this website and all its products and services available only on condition that the user accepts these T & Cs. If you disagree, you will not be authorized to use our website, our services, or purchase products from us. Any ambiguity in the interpretation of these T & Cs cannot be used against RivendoCanBio.

1. Applicability of the General Commercial Conditions (GCC)

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, these General Commercial Conditions (GCC) apply to the use of the RivendoCanBio website ( and any related subdomain: 'website') and to all products, offers, shipments and services provided. by RivendoCanBio, as well as any other agreement entered into with or on behalf of RivendoCanBio.

  2. By using the website, ordering our products or accessing the services through this website, the customer ('customer' or 'you') automatically declares to RivendoCanBio that he accepts the latest relevant version of these GTC.

  3. All the contents published on the RivendoCanBio website (including logos, trademarks, copyrights, etc.) are the intellectual property of RivendoCanBio and cannot be distributed, modified or otherwise used without the prior and express authorization of the company.

  4. By using the website and accepting these T&C, the user declares to be of age in his country of residence and that the purchase and use of our products or services are legal in the territory in which he lives, or in the intended destination for the their delivery. These conditions are the sole responsibility of the customer and RivendoCanBio expressly disclaims any responsibility in this regard.

  5. We reserve the right to refuse the conclusion of an agreement or the provision of services at any time, without the obligation to specify reasons.


2. General information and offer of products and services

  1. All information reported on the website or on other documents written by RivendoCanBio have been collected with the utmost caution. However, RivendoCanBio cannot guarantee that all information is correct, complete and / or up-to-date. RivendoCanBio reserves the right to modify any information contained on the website or in other written documents without prior notice. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to keep track of such changes.

  2. All information disclosed on RivendoCanBio products and services through its website, or any other means, is intended solely to provide general information and cannot be considered as medical indications and advice. Any decision made by the customer regarding the use of our products and services based on the information provided by RivendoCanBio will be subject to the customer's personal responsibility, and will be at their sole risk.

  3. RivendoCanBio reserves the right to modify and withdraw the products and services from its assortment at any time, declining any responsibility towards the customer or third parties.

  4. RivendoCanBio may occasionally launch special offers on its website relating to its products and services. We reserve the right to modify, limit or completely withdraw such offers at our sole discretion.

  5. We also reserve the right to restrict, without being obligated, the sale of products or the provision of services to specific customers, to third parties or to certain countries or regional jurisdictions, at our discretion and without specifying reasons.

  6. We cannot guarantee that our website and services will be active continuously and completely error-free. In case of loss or service interruptions, RivendoCanBio will contact the customer to find a suitable solution.

3. Registration, user account and personal data

  1. In order to place an order on our website, the customer must first create an account on the registration page. During the registration process, the customer will be asked to select a username and password. The username and password must be treated by the customer with the utmost confidentiality. RivendoCanBio cannot be held responsible for the improper use of access data, assuming that the person using our website is the registered customer.

  2. RivendoCanBio, and all its staff, will never ask you for your password. If the user suspects that their login details have fallen into the wrong hands, they will need to promptly change them.

  3. The customer, as such, is responsible for ensuring that all information in his account is correct and up-to-date. RivendoCanBio assumes no responsibility for any delays or additional costs resulting from incorrect or inaccurate information provided by the customer.

  4. All customer personal data are processed and protected by RivendoCanBio as described in our Data Protection Declaration, to be considered as an integral part of our T & Cs. For more information on this, please consult our data protection provisions.

4. Establishment and conclusion of a contract on the website

  1. The offer of products on the website cannot be interpreted as a commitment by RivendoCanBio to enter into a purchase contract. Since the products are not necessarily available in our warehouse at all times, the customer does not directly conclude a purchase contract for the sole fact of having placed the order.

  2. When the customer places an order, it becomes binding and remains so for a period of 7 working days. The mere confirmation of receipt of the order by RivendoCanBio does not represent any stipulation of contract.

  3. While we will do everything in our power to ensure the accuracy of all information and data published on our website, or other written documents, errors and omissions may occur. In such event, we reserve the right to correct them at our discretion and to modify or cancel an order that is, or may have been, affected by such corrections.

  4. The agreement between the buyer and RivendoCanBio will be established as soon as the ordered products are shipped. RivendoCanBio reserves the right to completely or partially refuse the stipulation of an agreement without specifying the reasons.

  5. Should an order be canceled, limited or postponed, RivendoCanBio will make every reasonable effort to contact the customer in order to clarify the situation.


5. Prices and terms of payment

  1. All prices published by RivendoCanBio on its website, and in other written documents, include VAT. All costs included in the price are explicitly specified. Any additional costs are mentioned separately and are charged to the customer.

  2. The products will be sent by the manufacturer of the chosen article. The payment of any customs and import duties will be borne by the customer. RivendoCanBio has no control over these additional costs and, therefore, cannot release information regarding these costs. For more information, please contact the customs authorities of the place of destination.

  3. The purchase price must be paid by the customer in advance and will become payable upon signing the contract. The products will be delivered to the customer only once the full amount of the order has been received. In case of late payments, RivendoCanBio can withdraw from the agreement without granting any extension.

  4. All accepted payment methods are indicated on the website. We reserve the right to change these payment options at any time in our sole discretion.

6. Delivery

  1. Generally, the purchased products will be delivered to the address specified by the customer within 2–7 working days from receipt of payment, as long as the purchased products are already available in stock. In the case of some countries, deliveries may take longer. Please see our website for more information on this. All delivery terms are not binding and their non-compliance does not authorize the customer to withdraw from the contract.

  2. If RivendoCanBio fails to meet the estimated times, the customer can withdraw from the contract only after having first granted us a further period of at least 20 working days to be able to fulfill our delivery obligation. In case of termination of the contract, RivendoCanBio will reimburse the entire amount incurred. Any liability for further compensation due to delay or non-delivery is excluded.

  3. The customer must accept the split delivery if, for example, a part of the ordered products is no longer available, or if it is expected to be delivered only at a later time.

  4. The place of performance is the place where the products are delivered by RivendoCanBio Netherlands to the Dutch postal service (or another transport company). The benefits and risks will automatically pass to the buyer upon dispatch of such products. RivendoCanBio is not responsible for the loss or damage of products during transport.


7. Warranty and right of return

  1. RivendoCanBio is responsible for any defects in the products purchased, pursuant to the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations ('OR'). The customer is required to inspect the products immediately upon receipt and to report any defects found in writing to RivendoCanBio within 7 days; otherwise, the products will be considered accepted by the customer. Even hidden defects must be reported in writing to RivendoCanBio within 7 days of their discovery.

  2. All RivendoCanBio products are of natural origin and, therefore, may be subject to natural variations. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any alterations (in terms of color, smell, taste, etc.).

  3. All products are offered under these conditions. Any non-compliant images, information or descriptions published on the website or on other documents written by RivendoCanBio are not valid as a guarantee for certain properties.

  4. Defective products must be returned for inspection to: RivendoCanBio Netherlands, Handelsweg 1a, 5492 NL, Sint-Oedenrode, Holanda. In case of defective products, RivendoCanBio has the right to replace them with other products or to refund the purchase price. In the event of a refund of the purchase price, the import duties will not be refunded. RivendoCanBio is not responsible for any losses suffered by the customer due to defective products. For claims for compensation, there is a two-year limitation period, pursuant to art. 210, paragraph 1, of the Code of Obligations (OR).

  5. If the customer is not satisfied with his order, he has the right to return the products to RivendoCanBio Netherlands within 14 days of receipt. Please contact our customer service promptly. If possible, products should be returned sealed, unopened, unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. As soon as we have received the products and all the conditions for the return are met, the customer will be refunded the purchase price; the return costs will not be reimbursed.


8. Disclaimer

  1. Within the limits established by law, any liability towards RivendoCanBio or any legally affiliated company will be excluded in the event of loss or other injury suffered by the customer on the basis of or in connection with the acceptance of the purchase agreement, delivery or use. of RivendoCanBio products and services.

  2. The customer acknowledges and accepts that the use of the products and services provided by RivendoCanBio will be at his own risk.


9. Customer Service

If you have any questions, comments or complaints about our products and services, please contact our customer service by phone or email (contact information on the website). RivendoCanBio will make every reasonable effort to contact you within 3 working days.


10. Changes to the General Terms and Conditions (T&C)

We reserve the right to modify or supplement these T & Cs at any time and without notice. The T & Cs are published in the most recent version on our website or notified through other means.


11. Final provisions

  1. In the event that the provisions of these Terms and Conditions were or should become totally or partially ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions will remain unaffected. The null or void provisions will be replaced with new effective provisions, which will correspond as closely as possible to the original agreement of the parties.

  2. The agreement between RivendoCanBio, the customer and these Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by Swiss jurisdiction, with the exclusion of the relevant conflict of laws rules. The applicability of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Movable Goods (CISG) is explicitly excluded.

  3. Any dispute arising out of or in relation to the agreement between RivendoCanBio, the customer and these T & Cs (including their valid consent) must be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the place where RivendoCanBio BV is based.


12. Contacts

The website is managed by RivendoCanBio di Rinaldo Basso, via per gessate, 2, 20064, Gorgonzola, Mi Italia. If you have any questions about the website or its content, please contact our customer service in writing or by email (contact information on the website).

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